AI Centred Web Services for the F&B industry
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$300 billion Food wasted in restaurants per year$1 million potentially missed revenue per year

Why iBlinkX?

Centralize Your Data

  • Seamlessly connect over 20 advanced tools using iBlinkX POS such as, Inventory Optimizer, Advanced Analytics & Reporting, Quality Control Audit and many more.
  • Centralize your restaurant data on one platform.

Cut multiple software costs

  • iBlinkX brings together all the software solutions that restaurants and ghost kitchens use into one AI-backed platform.
  • Save up to 50% on back-of-house systems such as, ERP, Quality Control and Analytics Reporting.

Elevate Team Efficiency

  • Increase your staff's efficiency by 40% through time savings on automated workflows and order printing.

Dedicated Customer Support Team

  • Receive the full-time technical support from personalized Account Manager throughout the entire service period.

AI Suggestions All The Way

  • Leverage iBlinkX’s AI engine to provide unimaginable predictions allowing you to plan way ahead of your competition.
  • Use iBlinkX’s generative AI assistant to prescribe and suggest how to give you the best business outcome across all your workflows.